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This KONY 2012 shit,

You know its so hype. This type of shit has been around for a long time and especially other countries. Like I don’t get it, why now and not before? I’ve always supported anti-human trafficking. There’s underground human trafficking in the U.S. I have seen with my own eyes children in other countries who carry guns. 

Has anyone not watch “Blood Diamond”?

Well I’m glad people are aware of it now, its about time!

Thank you to those supporting this movement too. If people took action about it sooner more lives would have been saved, I don’t know it just hurts me when I think about it like that… People should also support art and music therapy to help the victims emotionally get back on their feet.

Just speaking my mind.

  1. resolvemagic said: The reason for the sudden movement is that if he is not arrested by Dec 31, 2012, all international effort will be pulled out. EVERYTHING has to be done NOW. Do not ever say it is hype. The internet is a powerful tool! Don’t play with ignorance.
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